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How do I get, create, obtain or make a Hokies account?


All Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students can create a Hokies account for themselves by following the instructions below:

  1. In Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to the ADadmin Web site. You will experience a brief redirect when you click on the ADadmin link.

  2. If prompted, log on with your PID and PID password. (Your PID password is the one you use for My VT and Hokie SPA.) (If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions at Forgot PID Password.)

  3. If you have previously enrolled in 2-factor authentication (2FA), follow the on-screen instructions to complete authentication with your second factor. (For more information and instructions on 2-factor, see the University 2-Factor Authentication Web site.)

  4. To expand the menu, in the left pane, click the Persons link.

    Image of the Persons menu link

  5. In the left pane, under Persons, click the Upgrade Contact To User link. (If you do not see the Upgrade Contact To User link, you already have a Hokies account.)

    Image of the Upgrade Contact to User link

  6. In the appropriate text boxes, type a new password for your Hokies account. For information on creating a strong password, see Password Rules and Tips at Virginia Tech.

  7. Click the Upgrade Contact button.

    Image of the Upgrade Contact button

  8. Click OK to create your Hokies account.

    Image of Click OK

  9. Wait 15 minutes before using your Hokies account.

As an extra security precaution, when you create a Hokies account, your contact will be removed from any groups of which you are a member. If you know you need to be added back to a group, ask your IT support contact or your Organizational Unit administrator to add you.