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Last modified 3 months ago


How do I log on to Qualtrics survey software?


Qualtrics allows you to create and share surveys.

  1. Go to the Virginia Tech Qualtrics Survey Software Web Page.

  2. If prompted, type your credentials.

    1. In the Username text box, type your VT Username (PID), which is the first part of your email address.
      (If you do not know your VT Username, follow the instructions at Forgot VT Username.)

    2. In the Password text box, type your VT Username passphrase.
      (If you forgot your passphrase, follow the instructions at Reset VT Username (PID) Passphrase.)

    3. Click the Login button.

      Image of the Login service prompt for username and password.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to either:

  4. If this is the first time you have logged on to Qualtrics:

    1. In the EMAIL text box, type your full email address.

    2. In the FIRST NAME text box, type your first name.

    3. In the LAST NAME text box, type your last name.

    4. If you are not a Virginia Tech student, clear the I am a student check box.

    5. If you are a student, in the GRADUATION DATE text box, click the calendar icon, and then select your estimated graduation date.

    6. Click the Update button.

      Click the Update button.

    7. After reading the Terms of Service, in the lower-right, click the I accept button.

      Click the I accept button.

For more information on using Qualtrics, see Getting Started.