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Last modified 6 months ago


How do I change the preferred email address shown in my personal information in Virginia Tech PeopleSearch?


  1. If you want to create an email alias to use as your preferred address, first, follow the instructions at Adding, Creating, and Using Email Aliases for VT Google Apps Mail.

  2. Go to the Web page.

  3. Near the top-right corner of the page, click the Sign In link.

  4. From the drop-down that appears, click the Sign In button.

  5. Type your PID and PID password.

    1. In the Username text box, type your PID, which is the first part of your email address.
      (If you do not know your PID, follow the instructions at Forgot PID.)

    2. In the Password text box, type your PID password.
      (If you forgot your password, follow the instructions at Forgot PID Password.)

    3. Click the Login button.

      Image of the Login service prompt for username and password.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to either:

  6. If the page appears dark with text overlaid, click the page to dismiss the overlaid text.

  7. If any OneCampus announcements pop-up, after reading the text, click the appropriate button to dismiss the pop-up.

  8. To the right of the OneCampus logo, in the What would you like to do? search box, type: account

  9. On the keyboard, press the Enter or Return key.

  10. In the Search Results, click the Manage Accounts task. A new tab or window will appear.

  11. To the right of your VT Google Apps Mail email address, click the Change Settings link.

    Image of the Change Settings link.

  12. To the right of the email address you want to appear in Virginia Tech PeopleSearch, click the Make preferred link.

    Click the Make preferred link.