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I updated to the latest version of Java in Mac OS or Windows, and now I cannot access or use Banner. When I try to access or use Banner, I see a blank white screen.


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Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion / 10.9 Mavericks / 10.10 Yosemite / 10.11 El Capitan / 10.12 Sierra

  1. Log out of Banner.

  2. Close and quit all browser windows.

    • To do this in Mac OS:

      1. In any currently open browser window, click once to make it the active window.

      2. On your keyboard, press the Command + Q keys.

  3. Navigate to the Java control panel.

    1. From the Apple drop-down list, select System Preferences....

      Select System Preferences...

    2. Click the Java icon. The Java Control Panel window will open after a few seconds.

      Click the Java icon.

  4. Select the Security tab.

    Select the Security tab.

  5. Add the two exceptions to the list.
    1. Click the Edit Site List... button. If you do not see this button, update Java to the current version by following the instructions at How do I update Java for my Mac?.

      Click the Edit Site List button.

    2. Click the Add button.

      Click the Add button.

    3. Type:

    4. Click the Add button.

      Click the Add button.

    5. Type:

    6. Click OK.

      Click OK.

  6. Delete the temporary Java files.

    1. Select the General tab.

      Select the General tab.

    2. Under Temporary Internet Files, click the Settings... button.

      Click the Settings button.

    3. Click the Delete Files... button.

      Click the Delete Files button.

    4. Place a check in each check box shown.

    5. Click OK. The process may take a while. The window will close when the process is complete.

      Place a check in each check box and click OK.

  7. Click OK.

    Click OK.

  8. In the Java Control Panel window, click OK.

    Click OK.

  9. Tell other users of the computer to follow these procedures when logged on with their own account.


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