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Canvas - Getting Started for Students

Table of Contents

I Heard Virginia Tech Is "Ramping Up" Canvas. What Does that Mean to Me?

How Do I Log in to Canvas?

How Do I Find and View My Canvas Courses?

Can I Use Canvas on My Mobile Device? How?

How Do I Adjust My Notification Preferences?

How Do I Change My Profile Information in Canvas?

How Do I Connect to Web Services/Tools outside of Canvas?

How Do I Get Help Using Canvas?

What Browsers Are Compatible with Canvas?



Canvas is Virginia Tech's new learning management system (LMS). Below are some questions and answers about Canvas that might help students just getting started. Additional answers to common student questions can be found in the Canvas Student Guide.

If you have questions about Canvas that are not addressed below or in the Canvas Student Guide, please see Getting Help with Canvas.

I heard Virginia Tech is "ramping up" Canvas. What does that mean for me?

See Canvas Ramp Up Plan for Students.


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How do I log in to Canvas?

Use an updated version of Google Chrome to log into Canvas. Disable script blockers, which can prevent you from seeing all Canvas content.

Log in to Canvas using your VT PID and password.

(If you forgot your password, follow the instructions at Forgot PID Password.)

If you are unable to log in and are registered as a student, please report an incident to 4Help by using 4Help Self Service.

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How do I find and view my Canvas courses?

For you to see a course site, you must be officially registered, and your instructor must have published the course site.

Log in to Canvas and click on Courses in the global navigation menu on the left of the screen. The courses menu will fly out with a list of your course sites.

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Can I use Canvas on my mobile device? How?

You can view your Canvas sites on your iOS and Android devices, but be aware of the following limitations:

To view course content on your mobile device, download the Canvas by Instructure app.

The Canvas app will ask you for the name of your institution. Look for Virginia Tech and download the app.

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How do I adjust my notification preferences?

Canvas automatically notifies you about changes in your course site, such as when your instructor sends an announcement or adds an assignment, by sending an email to your VT Gmail address.

Notification settings apply to all of your courses; you cannot change notification settings for individual course sites.

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How do I change my profile information in Canvas?

See How do I change my User Settings?


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How do I connect to web services/tools outside of Canvas?

Canvas is integrated with a number of third-party web services. Most of these services can be configured on the Settings page. See How do I change my User Settings?

Other services include: Google Docs, Google Drive, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, and Diigo. Click on any of these services in Canvas to register.


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How do I get help using Canvas?

See Getting Help with Canvas.


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What browsers are compatible with Canvas?

See Which browsers does Canvas support?


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